Grilled cheese and a Coke at Tartine.

Oh, hey!

Welcome to the Waterstreet General Mercantile—the website for a store that might have existed if the internet was alive a hundred years ago.

I design and develop websites using WordPress in a small room in a big house with two big trees right next to Water Street, St. John's—the oldest street in North America.

Kindly forward all questions (and, for best results, cake) to the front desk, and be sure to follow @saltcod on Twitter.

I'm currently taking new projects so drop me a line if you have a new project in mind.

Q & A

What's your favourite kind of cake?
Chocolate, carrot and in third place, that apricot, cream-cheese cake you get at Christmas time.
Favourite drink?
Rye and ginger ale, or a beer from Quidi Vidi, the world's best brewery!
Sweet or salty?
Yes, please!
Code editor?
I moved from TextMate to Sublime a while back for some reason. I really like Sublime for two main reasons: multiple cursors and multi-select(cmd+d). I use these all the time now and can't imagine coding without them.
Favourite book?
Tough one. If I had to pick a couple, I'd definitely name Michael Crummy's Galore, Vincent Lam's The Headmaster's Wager, everything from John Steinbeck, Stieg Larsson's trilogy.
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Trek Next Generation for me, please.
TV show?
The best show ever made was probably The Wonder Years. In more recent years, the first two seasons of Lost were unreal. Other than that, TV makes me sleepy.
Web host?
I've changed hosts about 1,000 times. Seriously. This site is currently hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. That means I spend a lot of time pecking commands I don't understand into the command line. For shared hosting, I recommed A Small Orange.
Keyboard layout?
Dvorak for life! Seriously, just do it. It will take you about a month to get OK-ish and 4-6 months to get back to where you were with QWERTY. When I need to type using QWERTY at a login screen or on someone else's computer I'm always shocked at how inefficient QWERTY is. Again, seriously, take a few months and do this — you owe it to your wrists.
Favourite trip ever?
Tough one. My wife and I went on a European cruise for our honeymoon. It was pretty nuts. Other than that, a few summer's ago we spend 4-5 days in Toronto after I left a partuicularly dreadful job. That was a magical week in a great city.
Favourite place on earth?
Our summer home in Adam's Cove is pretty special. Further afield, visiting Jasper national park a few years ago has left a very lasting impression on me. It's probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
What are you listening to?
A 75/25 split between CBC Radio1 and Radio2. I hardly listen to any music other than on Radio2. I used Rdio for quite a while and really liked it, but CBC has comptelely replaced it.
iPhone or Android?
iPhone all the way. I've used Android a bit, and while I like the idea of it, actually using it really frustrates me.
Favourite Mac app?
Sketch has been my favourite for as long as it's been out. It's completely replaced Illustrator and Photoshop in my workflow.
Favourite Podcast?
This American Life. Hands down the best thing out there. I could listen to Ira Glass read the alphabet and it would be compelling. I also listen to the ShopTalk Show for the sound effects, and the Accidental Tech Podcast for its unparalleled nerdiness.

Planning a trip?

It's cold and wet here, so you'll definitely need to pack a coat!