Are you a photographer?

I was answering some interview questions the other day and someone asked me when I first felt like a photographer, when I became part of the “club”. I sat on the question for a couple of days. I can’t say I really feel like I am part of any club. In fact, sometimes I think I might even resent the whole movement. Photography is going through the same thing that urban cycling did a few years ago. There are swarms of young people carrying around vintage cameras and calling themselves photographers, but it is all wrong. It’s fashion and it’s stupid. The “club” is kids taking pictures of said vintage cameras and smoking cigarettes, and I don’t want any part of it.

The thing is, I’m not a photographer, I am just a man who has taken a couple of good pictures, and that’s enough, that’s enough.

—via Highlighted Life

A word cloud for Eddie Bauer pre-Christmas emails

I signed up for Eddie Bauer’s email list in late November to keep an eye on a jacket. I combined the text from each of the 59 emails I received and turned it into a word cloud. The results were a little surprising: I didn’t realize they even sold bedding while they clearly do, and I thought words like “50%”, “Last Day,” “Biggest Sale,” and “Ends Tomorrow”  would jump out way more than they did. Those were the words I noticed, at least.

Find attached a few examples of the pre-Christmas emails. Interestingly, most of the emails were like the first one (the least appealing of the lot to me), while very few were like the last (the one I found most appealing).

n.b. I turned 50% into ‘FiftyPercent’ as numbers were not processed. I also removed the name ‘Eddie Bauer’ as that skewed the results—obviously the company name showed up several times per email.