A Troll’s Lament

An excellent example of how most writing-centric websites should be: comment free. Tweetage Wasteland is a wonderfully well written curation of where we are with our shiny new digitized lives. Although the careful, thoughtful commentary is enough to justify frequent visits, the fact that comments aren’t enabled adds something extra: authority.
Very few of the 17,000,000,000 blogs out there are able to pull off anonymous commenting. Outside of the spam, the trolling, and the inane (and often irrelevant) observations, the filler never boils down to much killer.
The idea for this post actually came from a wonderfully useful Teehan+Lax post. At the time writing, there’s hundreds of comments, retweets, reblogs, and pharmaceutical shout-outs to read through at the bottom of this page. What value does it add?
Swing by Teehan+Lax first and have a look at the mess they’ve created, then have a look at Tweetage Wasteland and see how you fell when you’re done.