Chrome shortcuts

It occurred to me today that I use a lot of shortcuts. In almost every program I use, I have an ingrained set of shortcuts for doing a million micro-actions. The ones I use in Chrome would probably be the most benefit for anyone else, so here they are:

  1. Inspect elementcmd+shift+c
  2. Open dev tools window, then open console: cmd+shift+c or cmd+option+i, then esc
  3. Reopen your last-closed tabcmd+shift+t
  4. Move between tabscmd+option+left/right
  5. Select the address barcmd+L
  6. Duplicate current tabcmd+L (to select address bar), cmd+return to duplicate tab

Every year, usually around major Apple Keynotes, I promise to give Safari another try. But I never last more than a few hours. These shortcuts are so second nature now, and I use them so often, that it’s almost impossible to do without. I especially love love love #3 and #6.

What are your favourites?

Update — I just realized that I published almost this exact same list about 3 years ago! Seems I really do love shortcuts.