Even Mom

The benchmark for a product’s acceptance has always been its adoption by our parents’ generation:

—Even Mom is on Facebook.

is something you hear all time. As more and more Moms are getting on Facebook and buying iPhones and setting PVRs to record the Golden Girls, or whatever it is they watch, I wonder what products our kids are going to fill in the blanks with. I wonder what my kids will say in 20 years:

—Even dad uses ________.

It’s really kind of exciting to think about a future revolving around something that you can’t even really imagine yet. Just picture this conversation with the 20 year old version of your Mom:

YOU: I sent you a link to a Youtube video. It’s the one of the dog on the turtle’s back. Hilarious!
MOM: What’s ‘you-tube’
Y: Youtube, b’y. The website with all the videos.
M: What’s a website?
Y: Websites are what the internet is made up of. There’s billions and billions and billions of them.
M: What’s the internet?
Y: The internet is a whole pile of computers connected together that enable the sharing around of all these websites
M: Aaaah……sure. That’s all grand. Now, what do you want to have for supper?

And that’s the exciting part. Replace all the words you know from above (computer, internet, website, youtube), with blanks, because those blanks haven’t even been invented yet.