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Posts in draft stay in draft

Most CMSs these days have a draft option for posts. You come up with an idea, scribble down a few lines to outline your thoughts, and save the post as a draft. Ideally, in a day or so you’ll come back to flesh out your ideas, maybe add a few more, and through some magical and deeply satisfying process, you’ll press Publish on a thoughtful, meaningful, multi-paragraph piece of work.

But you know that never happens. What actually happens is that you keep making drafts, and soon you’ve got so many draft posts that you need to filter those out to make the list of posts more readable. Eventually, on some dark and stormy night at home on the couch, in a fit of organizational rage, you’ll delete them. And happy you will feel for fleeting moments. But then you’ll lament their loss. Then you’re back making drafts again to replace the feeling of grief and dispair in this brutal and endless cycle of incompletion.

Apologies if you were reading to the end for a solution. There isn’t one to be found here. Perhaps the first step towards a smaller pile of draft posts, though, is recognition: Posts in draft stay in draft.

The world will be a better place after reading about that burning idea in your head—take the time to be able to hit Publish instead of Save Draft.