Why I switched to WordPress

One of the 500 reasons why I switched to WordPress from Drupal lies below. If you’re reading this as a non-coder, please simply understand that this markup is absolutely heinous, overcomplicated and completely unnecessary.

<!-- main row: width = grid_width -->
<div id="main-wrapper" class="main-wrapper full-width">
<div id="main" class="main row grid16-16">
 <div id="main-inner" class="main-inner inner clearfix">

 <!-- main group: width = grid_width - sidebar_first_width -->
 <div id="main-group" class="main-group row nested grid16-16">
 <div id="main-group-inner" class="main-group-inner inner">

   <div id="main-content" class="main-content row nested">
   <div id="main-content-inner" class="main-content-inner inner">
   <!-- content group: width = grid_width - (sidebar_first_width + sidebar_last_width) -->
   <div id="content-group" class="content-group row nested grid16-11">
   <div id="content-group-inner" class="content-group-inner inner">

     <div id="content-region" class="content-region row nested">
     <div id="content-region-inner" class="content-region-inner inner">
     <a name="main-content-area" id="main-content-area"></a>
     <div id="content-inner" class="content-inner block">
       <div id="content-inner-inner" class="content-inner-inner inner">

       <h1 class="title">Front Page</h1>

       <div id="content-content" class="content-content">

For the sake of context, and humour, the same markup in WordPress could easily look like this:

	<div id="main">
	 <div id="content"> 

       <h1 class="title">Front Page</h1>

ht to @ncbeets for reminding me of exactly how happy I am with WordPress.