Holy Heart Theatre

Holy Heart Theatre has been a mainstay for local concerts, recitals and plays for 50 years.

The new site features lots of exciting new components. Up front, that slick scrolling action is provided by Mark Dalgleish’s Stellar.js, and the show listing is handled by the always useful jQuery Masonry from David DeSandro.

Being a theatre site, promoting shows and events was at the heart of the requirements. Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar came through as the obvious way to help manage this. The Events Calendar works perfectly right out of the box — the user creates an event, it shows up in a ‘brick’ in the masonry layout, and also gets added to a calendar view. Easy peasy.

The site is fully responsive and is built with WordPress of course—as I publish this, it’s ticking along with WordPress 3.5-Beta2 which adds the exciting new media management workflow, and features my first use of the excellent Custom Field Suite.