On Macs and PCs, again

After some recent criticism that brought to light the fact that this site was becoming ‘somewhat’ Mac-centric, I decided to be more vigilant about spreading hatred and vitriol in the Windows direction. However, after helping a co-worker with a presentation on a Windows laptop today, I’ve decided that only more hatred and vitriol are required, certainly not less.

In several years of using a Mac I have not seen a single screen look like the one attached. But yet, this was the first screen I saw this morning when I started the laptop. I must argue that (i) it makes absoltuely no sense to show this screen to my Grandmother, my Great Aunts, nor to anyone else, and (ii) there is no way a screen like this one would show up on a Mac.

Despite the abounding negativity from the naysayers about Apple these days, there’s simply no way that a screen like this would be displayed to the user, and certainly you’ll admit that it shouldn’t.