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Three Challenges facing Apple

I’ll pay you money if you provide me content I’d like to enjoy.

A fantastic accounting of the challenges facing Apple these days. Everyone I know who uses iTunes hates it, and most of the TV watchers I know use Netflix almost exclusively. Apple is certainly at the top of their game, but these holes need to be plugged asap.

Don’t miss the rest over at KickingBear.

On Macs and PCs, again

After some recent criticism that brought to light the fact that this site was becoming ‘somewhat’ Mac-centric, I decided to be more vigilant about spreading hatred and vitriol in the Windows direction. However, after helping a co-worker with a presentation on a Windows laptop today, I’ve decided that only more hatred and vitriol are required, certainly not less.

In several years of using a Mac I have not seen a single screen look like the one attached. But yet, this was the first screen I saw this morning when I started the laptop. I must argue that (i) it makes absoltuely no sense to show this screen to my Grandmother, my Great Aunts, nor to anyone else, and (ii) there is no way a screen like this one would show up on a Mac.

Despite the abounding negativity from the naysayers about Apple these days, there’s simply no way that a screen like this would be displayed to the user, and certainly you’ll admit that it shouldn’t.


Is all my stuff gone?

Excerpt from a brief conversation with a co-worker today:

HER: Hi Terry
ME: Hi
HER: You gotta help me. My daughter started our computer this morning and we got an error message, loud beeping, and a blue screen. What does that mean?
ME: Nothing good.
HER: Really?
ME: Sorry, afraid so.

[just seconds later]

HER: Is all of my stuff gone?
ME: No [Yes]
HER: What should I do?
ME: Grieve the loss of all of your stuff, (literally) throw your computer out of an open window, several metres above the ground, and buy a Mac.